Chinese Astrology Compatibility

Have you ever used Chinese Astrology Compatibility Horoscope for applying in your relationship? This horoscope will represent all of the 12 Zodiacal animal signs. People will have different personalities and characteristic for each sign they belong. Some guidance about your relationship can be shown in this reading horoscope. According to Chinese lunar calendar, these animal signs will be known as Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

The 12 Zodiac animal signs will be divided into four groups and each group has 3 animals. Perhaps 3 animals will have the same of thinking, style or temperament


  • First group: Dragon, Monkey and Rat

People under this group are known as intelligent and wise people. With these characters, they can win the heart of someone easily.

  • Second group:Snake, Ox and Rooster

They will have deep thoughts and try their best to achieve the targets in life. They will charm others by their intellect and fun.

  • Third group: Dog, Tiger and Horse

They tend to like the freedom. They can understand others but sometimes, they can be selfish. Don’t hurt them because they have the strong emotion of self-esteem.

  • Fourth group: Sheep, Pig and Rabbit


They believe that co-operation can give the success quickly. In the life, they will balance everything in peace. Everyone loves them because of their sympathy. What are the compatible signs?

Now, let’s choose the one sign or choose your sign. The fifth signs from your chosen sign – which are counted either clockwise or anti-clockwise – are considered as the most compatible signs. For example your sign is Tiger, thus the most compatible signs are Horse and Dog.
What are the incompatible signs?

Let’s start from your sign and you want to know what incompatible signs are. The fourth signs from your own sign – which are counted clockwise and anti-clockwise – are considered as the non-compatible signs. For example the incompatible signs of Tiger are Snake and Pig.